About Me

Graduate from the University of Baltimore with honors in Digital Communications at the Klein Family School of Communications Design.

For the past few years, I have dedicated my craft into digital marketing and media production to increase my knowledge about the world of communications design. Not to mention, I’ve been freelancing as a portrait photographer for the past two years – a special hobby of mine.

From September 2019 to May 2021, I interned as the Communications Director for The Sting (formerly known as The UB Post), University of Baltimore’s official student newspaper since 1933 – which has fully moved onto an online forum. I oversaw operations in the social media and design department while using content management systems. Aside from all that, I wrote a weekly column called The Color Theory focusing on streetwear and social norms.

Currently, I am employed as a Pre-Kindergarten Literacy Tutor for The Literacy Lab (an AmeriCorps organization). My goal in this venture is to close the literacy gap among children to reach grade-level expectations, while establishing and maintaining a positive image for the city of Baltimore.

Connect With Me!

Let’s work together and create a memorable experience! Please fill out the form below or email me at Jeff.o.dominguez@gmail.com

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